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STEM Practitioner Certification Program

STEM Practitioner Certification

"Creative Action Certification Training" of the "Asian Institute of Creative Education" is a professional curriculum designed to meet the challenges of the "Design of Change Challenge". It promotes children's creativity, solves social and life problems, and becomes a driving force for changing the world.

Training object

Kindergarten and primary and secondary school teachers, corporate trainers, consultants, social workers, educators,

To obtain "Certified STEM Practitioner" (Certified STEM Practitioner)

professional title.

training design

Through learner-centered, integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics inquiry

And application, and the creative model based on the design of the action plan.

training content

- Global Education Reform and Trend 

- The core idea of STEM education 

- The purpose and goal of promoting STEM education 

- The difference and integration of left brain and right brain 

- Creative Thinking and STEM Education 

- Interdisciplinary action learning model 

- Game-based STEM Strategies 

- Project-based STEM Strategies 

- Difference between traditional education model and STEM education model 

- Assessment criteria for knowledge, skills, attitudes and values 

- Assessment methods for STEM teaching and learning 

- Performance Evaluation of STEM Schools


training fees

HK$ 3800/person

Lectures - 12 hours

Self-study and tutoring - 5 hours

Assignment report review and review - 3 hours total 20 hours

Teaching method:  * face-to-face course + zoom video in Cantonese

Registration method: Online registration (

Deadline: 3 days before class starts

20 free STEM teaching plans

STEM 執行師證書課程_v6_工作區域 1.jpg

Training location: To be determined
Training date: To be determined

Time: 3:30-5:30 pm or 7:00-9:00 (2 hours)

Number of Classes: 8

Cost: HK$3200.00/person, including teaching materials (for more than 3 participants, a discount of

          HK$300 will be given to the 4th and above)

Assessment and certificate fee: HKD 1600.00 (perpetual)

For details, please email to

If you have any questions, please contact us

Phone: 3529 2218

WhatsApp: 6706 7168

Email Email:


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