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STEM School Performance Assessment Workshop

STEM Principal Workshop

(Principal Workshop)

In recent years, Hong Kong Education Bureau has actively promoted the development of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, but encountered different challenges and difficulties.

The "A-STEM School Performance Standard" is a comprehensive set of indicators and frameworks to assist schools in "planning", "implementing" and "assessing" the STEM performance.

Each school can use this accreditation standard to conduct a “self-assessment” or apply for an “A-STEM School” certification and to guide the school for improvement.

Course Participant

  1. As the workshop is particularly important for schools to develop STEM policies and strategies, principals, supervisors and management must attend.

  2. Each workshop (principal) can be attended by representatives of about 20 schools, including kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

  3. In addition, each school may nominate three additional school management personnel to participate in the workshop, such as the vice-principal, academic director, value education and STEM education coordinator.


Workshop Content

  1. Leading the development of school-based STEM education

  2. Develop STEM policy goals and strategies

  3. Comprehensive thinking on STEM philosophy and professional development

  4. Review of school facilities supporting STEM education

  5. STEM curriculum design and action plan

  6. STEM evaluation policy, evaluation goals and evaluation methods

  7. Performance and feedback of overall school performance

  8. Development of STEM school management manual

Workshop Cost

HK $ 3200, including a set of assessment standard, lecture notes and buffet (registration fee of HK $ 2800 before 14th).

Attendance Certificate

The attendance certificates shall be given to the Participant in 14 days after the workshop has been completed.

Training Instructor

Dr. S.K.Liao (Founder of Creative Action Learning, with over 30 years of training experience, clients include Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Hong Kong Marketing Association, City University of Hong Kong, etc.).

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