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for Excellence in Creative Action Learning

Introduction: Objectives of the Creative Action Learning Charter


1.  To encourage educational institutions, private institutions, public institutions and non-governmental

     organisations to work together to promote creative education, strengthen the curriculum elements of

     science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art, so that the next generation could create a creative

     and distinctive future.


2. To recognise organisations that are committed in promoting Creative Action Learning.

All organisations and groups are welcome to participate and support. Representatives would have to sign the charter to show that they are committed in promoting "creative action learning"

Charter Declaration: "We are committed in to promoting creative action learning to create a creative future for the next generation."

Charter Declaration: "We are committed in promoting creative action learning to create a creative future for the next generation."

1. Institutions / organisations actively support the concept of "creative education".

2. Institutions / organisations actively encourage employees / subordinates to attend lectures, seminars,

    workshops, online education and training, etc. that participate in relevant creative education.

3. Institutions / organisations encourage the development of syllabuses / contents of creative education

    elements, such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art.

4. Create a teaching environment with creative action learning, such as:

Classroom layout


. Honor List

. Puzzle corner

. STEM Book Corner

. equipment room

Outside the classroom

. Experimental bus

. Music toilet

. Eco-friendly kitchen

. Solar charging room / supplies

5. Create and design learning in games to improve cognitive and creative abilities, such as:

. Speaking games

. Music playgroups

. Big muscle games

. Action games

. Art painting

. Architectural games

. Exploratory games

. Creative games

. Dramatic games

. dances

6. After encouraging learners to share their test results after completing the creative action

    learning process to improve their self-confidence and social skills.

7. After Encouraging students to share their results, discuss, reflect, revise, and find ways to

    improve children's experience in creative action learning.

8. Organise different types of events or open days, exhibit or demonstrate the finished products

    of students, and improve the satisfaction of parents / students' expensive throughout the


If any of the participating organisations / groups meet 3 of the above 8 items and able to their provide students' works, course materials, classroom photos, videos and any other materials, you are eligible to apply for the charter for ECAL.


Cost: Free

Recognition Program:

Institutions / groups that have signed and committed to the Charter shall be given the title of "Legal Charter for Creative Action Learning"


Benefits of participating in the program:

We shall provide the following incentives to organisations that have signed the Charter:

  1. Special discount on the seminars, workshops and trainings organised by the association.

  2. The organisations / groups that have signed the Charter and been awarded the title shall be listed on our website as a way of honouring their commitment.

  3. The chartered organisation has the right to display its recognition title on their stationery, website and publicity publications for a period of 2 years.

  4. Designated institutions will be eligible to attend the ceremony of recognition organised by the Association.

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