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Certified STEM+ Toy Designer Training Program

STEM toy designer refers to a professional who specializes in toy design in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related fields (such as STEAM).

Course objectives

As STEM education receives more and more attention and importance, the market demand for STEM+ toys is growing rapidly. This course aims to train students to understand and master the knowledge and skills of toy design concepts to enhance the core competencies of toy designers.

Training content

  • STEM Core Competencies

  • Toy Industry Overview

  • STEM Toy Designer

  • Design Basics of "STEM" Toys

  • Innovation inside the toy box

  • Human-centered “design thinking”

  • Design Thinking - Inquiry

  • Design Thinking – Definition

  • Design Thinking - Ideation

  • Design Thinking - Prototyping

  • Design Thinking - Testing

  • Modular design, manufacturing and evaluation of toys

  • Product Innovation in STEM Toys

  • Reverse Engineering and Design

  • Product life cycle design

  • Integrated product development


Language of instruction


STEMtoy 導師培訓課程_poster_v2.jpg

Training objects

People interested in STEM toy design

Course fees:

Fee: HK$4500/person for one person registration
         HK$4000/person for two people traveling together
         HK$3500/person for a group of three
         HK$3000/person four people go with or more

(Including: handouts, course consulting services and project study review fees)

Number of study hours

20 units, about 17 hours of online study + multiple choice questions and project study report review and revision

Course start date:

Classes start on the 1st and 16th of every month

Ways of registration

Registration website:
Teaching method: Online teaching, only homework, no exams required.
Certificate: You can get a certificate after completing the course.

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