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Certified Creative Action Mentor

Becoming a Certified Creative Action Mentor

"Creative Action Certification Training" of the "Asian Institute of Creative Education" is a professional curriculum designed to meet the challenges of the "Design of Change Challenge". It promotes children's creativity, solves social and life problems, and becomes a driving force for changing the world.

Course Objectives

Our aims to train those who are interested in the children's education market to promote "children's innovation" as a Education career and promote the development of creative education.


Course Design

Through the creative action learning model, the curriculum design is based on inquiry, case, creativity, action, topic and problem solving, which can enhances curiosity, interest and creative problem solving.


Course Purpose

We recognised globally professional certification, training and qualifications for people with educational and continuing professional development needs.

Course Object

Teachers, social workers, trainers, consultants, parents and principals are welcome to participate in this professional certification training.


Course Content

  • Know about the reform of the global education system

  • Explore the "Design for Change" challenges 

  • Analyse the transformation of learning patterns

  • Understanding the importance of inquiry learning and situational learning

  • Master the feelings, imagination, Action and sharing

  • Comparing the application of creative thinking methods and tools

  • Master the theory and practice of "creative action learning" through action plans, case discussions, situational analysis and simulation exercises

  • Understanding the importance of multiple assessment policies and methods

Review Method

There will not have testing in the challenge. The review will based on your action plan.


Training Instructor

Dr. S.K.Liao (Founder of Creative Action Learning, with over 30 years of training experience, clients include Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Hong Kong Marketing Association, City University of Hong Kong, etc.).

Training location: To be determined
Training date: To be determined

Time: 3:30-5:30 pm or 7:00-9:00 (2 hours)

Number of Classes: 8

Cost: HK$3200.00/person, including teaching materials (for more than 3 participants, a discount of

          HK$300 will be given to the 4th and above)

Assessment and certificate fee: HKD 1600.00 (perpetual)

For details, please email to

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