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Certification Plan

"Asian Institute of Creative Education" has developed a set of "A-STEM School Performance Evaluation Criteria" based on the performance standards of the "International Organisation for Standardisation" to help schools conduct self-assessment and certification. Accredited schools can use the following "A-STEM School" logo:


The "A-STEM School" certification process is as follows:

  1. Apply for the "A-STEM School" certification program and fill out the form to obtain this set of criteria. The A-STEM School requires a reference sample of the management manual and the form.

  2. In accordance with this set of standards, The school which join the certification plan can start the STEM planning, implementation, evaluation and improvement in schools, and the preparation of their own A-STEM school management manual.

  3. Submit a “self-assessment” report to arrange for the assessment team. Our assessment team will go to the school for a field assessment.

  4. The judging panel will submit an accreditation report for the school to make corrections and improvements. Those who meet the standard requirements can obtain a certificate and can use the "A-STEM School" logo on their website and promotion media.

  5. The "A-STEM School" certification is valid for three years. After three years, the school must arrange for the next review in order to maintain its certification.

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