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Student Regulations

  1. Without the consent of the center, the agreement made by trainees and instructors privately, the center will not be responsible and acknowledged.

  2. Without permission, students are not allowed to record or record in the classroom.

  3. The center has the right to take photos/videos and the situation when attending classes or participating in any activities as teaching records or publicity purposes. If you do not agree, please submit it in writing when registering.

  4. If the group class fails to receive enough students two days before the scheduled opening day, the center will postpone the opening day by one month. If there is still insufficient enrollment after one month, the center will refund all the tuition fees paid by the students within two weeks.

  5. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the classroom. All cleaning fees for the contaminated areas and damage to the facilities must be paid and compensated by the students.

  6. Participants are required to wear masks and socks throughout the class before entering the classroom to maintain good personal hygiene.

  7. For class-based group courses, if students ask for leave, they will not make up classes. If the instructor asks for leave, the classes will be postponed.

  8. Each course only accepts the students who are enrolled in the class. The center does not accept other people's replacements or take parents/relatives or friends to watch, nor does it accept students who are transferred to classes on other dates and do not accept transfers to other subjects.

  9. Except for the fact that the newly opened courses cannot be successfully opened and the center will refund, the tuition fees paid by the students are not refundable for any reason.

  10. Please pay attention to personal and property safety during the class. The center will not be responsible for any physical injury or property loss.

  11. Unauthorized students are not allowed to actively propose or accept the instructor’s suggestion to transfer to another place for class.

  12. In order to protect the privacy, intellectual property rights and other related rights of the center and other students, the center has the right to choose or reject a student to register as a student of the center.

  13. If it is found that a student’s behavior is abnormal or has a bad attempt to deduct it as having an adverse effect on the personal safety, privacy, intellectual property rights, rights and interests of the center and other students, the center has the right to cancel/stop the student’s participation in classes/activities/ Any activity and other qualifications will not be compensated, and serious cases will be investigated by law.

  14. Please respect intellectual property rights. Without authorization, please do not copy, sell, distribute or plagiarize the textbooks, books, short films, other people's works, designs, etc. of this center. Violators must be investigated by law.

  15. Students must take good care of the equipment in the classroom, pay attention to the order of the classroom, respect the instructor, and abide by the regulations. Otherwise, the center has the right to terminate their right to attend classes, and all fees will not be refunded.

  16. a) In the event of forced suspension or postponement due to measures promulgated by the Hong Kong government or external environmental factors, the center and students must agree and
    b) Parents/students must agree to accept the time and date of resuming classes after the suspension of classes, or switch to online classes, and no objections; if parents/students cannot attend the center’s make-up arrangements for personal reasons, the center There is no refund mechanism and no make-up arrangements will be made. Parents/students shall voluntarily give up the lectures, and shall not pursue requests for make-up lessons and refunds.

  17. Typhoon or rainstorm signal teaching arrangement:
    a) When the observatory hoisted strong wind signal 1/3, or issued a yellow rain/red rain rainstorm warning, all indoor courses will continue as usual. Parents should decide for themselves whether to let their children attend classes. If a student fails to attend, he will be absent, and the center will not arrange additional classes.
    b) All classes will be cancelled when the observatory hoists a storm signal of No. 8 or above, or a black rainstorm warning is issued.
    c) If the warning signal in item b above is lowered four hours before class starts on the day, the class will proceed as usual and we will not notify you separately. d) Classes that are suspended due to typhoon and rain will be arranged as far as possible to make up classes.
    e) The typhoon or rainstorm teaching arrangements of individual course partner institutions may be different from this one. Students please inquire with their institution.

  18. The center reserves the right to transfer the date, time, place and tutors of classes, and all transfers and changes will be considered based on the common interests and responsibilities of the center and the students.

  19. The center reserves the right to change the above terms and will publish it on the official website. For details, please refer to the official website.

Student Regulations Form

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