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Asian Institute of Creative Education

“Asian Institute of Creative Education” is a non-profit making social enterprise that aims to study and integrate all existing creative education materials. Through academic research, training, publishing, study tours, workshops, seminars, etc., we are hoping to promote the development of “Creativity” and “Maker Culture” with the objective of increasing children’s interest to learn within the age of 3 – 15 years old.

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During the summer vacation, I completed the Stem instructor training course organized by the "Asian Creative Education Association", which is of great benefit to my understanding of STEM and education.

The content mentions action learning (action learning) and different assessment methods. Nowadays, students in Hong Kong go to class to do homework and practice test papers in order to prepare for various examinations, such as sub-examinations and public examinations. I can't help but think, the biggest purpose of educating students is to take the exam?

As a teacher, at the forefront of education, I can personally feel the difficulty of promoting STEM. Taking mathematics as an example, the M (Mathematics) in STEM represents the importance of mathematics. However, daily teaching, in order to catch up with the progress, preparing for assessment tests, etc. have taken up most of the teachers' daily lesson preparation and classroom time. Sometimes even basic classroom activities cannot be carried out, let alone integrating STEM or interdisciplinary learning?

This course not only allowed me to understand creative action learning, STEM assessment methods, but also gave me an opportunity to reflect on Hong Kong's education system and the future development of STEM.

​ Teacher Shen Mengzhao

The Church of Christ in China Jiquan Primary School

​Certification STEM tutor training school group photo

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